Month: August 2013

On Less Talk, More Prototyping

I’ve never received a bad reaction to a working prototype from a client. Who can say the same about their PowerPoints?

The digital industry is moving faster than ever. Work needs to be shown, rather than talked about. Agencies need to walk-the-walk and not just talk-the-talk when it comes to showing clients concepts. Working prototypes are far more accurate, compelling and tangible than slides in a PowerPoint presentation.
~10 steps to effective creative prototyping for ad agencies

On “Creative” Job Titles

As I mentioned before, I couldn’t agree more with this:

We’re one of the very few creative industries that codifies who gets to be creative by putting “creative” in their title. Other types of creative companies, like IDEO, expect everyone to be creative. We need to let go of this arrogance and allow creativity to come from everyone and everywhere.
~John Winsor, CEO of Victors & Spoils

It’s not about not using the title “Creative”, it’s about not restricting its use to those traditionally considered creatives.