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Inspiration: The Internal Geometries of Arab Designs

I find that Arab designs—specially mosaics—have a very strong connection with pixel and vector art. It’s intricacies, repeated patterns, changes in scale, flat surfaces and colors, etc are all characteristics of a trend of design that focuses on stylized iconic design

The Pattern In Islamic Art site has a great collection of photos and design where these internal geometries are deconstructed.

Pattern In Islamic Art

Pattern In Islamic Art

Pattern In Islamic Art

Pattern In Islamic Art

Word + Image: Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman is both writer and illustrator and a great example of the mixing the word and the image in one single artwork.

Maira Kalman, the Word and the Image

Maira Kalman, the Word and the Image

[It’s] better if you don’t know about something before trying to do it. This blew my mind, since I’m used to learning it all and being perfect before even getting started, which is (obviously) nonsense. Perfectionists know what Im talking about.
—Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman’s TED Talk

Maira Kalman, the Word and the Image

Maira Kalman, the Word and the Image

Word + Picture: David Hockney

David Hockney’s recent work is really inspiring. Like Bowie he is not ready to let his best years behind him. This 2012 book of him is great: David Hockney: A Bigger Picture


These are two examples from the book of Hockney mixing the word and the picture or making the word be the picture:



Self-Portrait: Green Card Photograph Specifications

Green Card Self-Portrait

This self-portrait is inspired in the strict guidelines of the photographs required for the US immigration visas and green card[1. Here’s an extract of the: Green Card Application Photograph And Head Size Specifications

Your photo is a vital part of your Green Card application.

You must submit two identical color photographs of yourself taken within the last 6 months of the filing of this application. The image must be in the Joint Photographic Experts Group format. The face must be square to the camera with a neutral expression, neither frowning nor smiling, with the mouth closed. To learn more, review the guidelines on how to provide a suitable photo.

Please be advised that Failure to comply with any of the following requirements may result in disqualification.”

]. I remember reading the instructions and obsessing over them when I was first applying for the green card lottery years ago.

The design is based on the actual template that the US government has on their website.

US Immigration Green Card Head Position

I added a few more guides to the original. All my illustrations are heavily based on basic, geometric shapes, so the US guidelines were a perfect fit. At some point I even thought about doing an extreme version of the template with dozens of guides to reproduce the inner geometry of the self-portrait as it can be seen in the wireframe version:

Self-portrait Wireframe

Last night we had a show and this artwork was there, and so was I. Here is this (meta)photo to add to the list of different levels of representation and symbols of symbols.

Portrait With Self-Portrait at Art Show