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On publishers rejecting advertising

It’s hard not to consider this the most extended opinion on “traditional” online advertising:

The decision on [removing] advertising was the hardest, because obviously it provides a vital revenue stream for almost all media products. But we know from your emails how distracting and intrusive it can be; and how it often slows down the page painfully. And we’re increasingly struck how advertising is dominated online by huge entities, and how compromising and time-consuming it could be for so few of us to try and lure big corporations to support us. We’re also mindful how online ads have created incentives for pageviews over quality content. — New Year, New Dish, New Media

On the Marketing shift from Aspiration to Inspiration

Interesting views on brand evolution:

Great brands, those most in touch in with consumer sentiment, have evolved their message from one of Aspiration to one of Inspiration. They are focused less on what they can give, and more on what consumers themselves can achieve. […] These brands have realized their role is not to be the solution, but to be the motivation for one. The call to action isn’t merely to buy something, but to build something. ~A Brand Shift for 2013: From Aspiration To Inspiration

On Innovation vs. Imitation

This should be applicable to apps, magazines and any kind of project:

A publication’s app should be designed and built with purpose and consideration. The Magazine works because I based decisions not on what everyone else was doing, but on what would be best for this magazine. Every publication has its own unique needs, audience, economics, and style, so their apps should reflect that. ~ My master plan for revolutionizing the future of publishing and saving tablet-native journalism

On technical executions


In my 25 years in IT I always stuck to one rule – give your customers an honest technical opinion, but if they decide to overrule it for whatever reason, do what they want. This strategy allows me sleep well at night knowing that I didn’t lie. I also know that I would have won more project bids if I wouldn’t stick to this rule.

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