Creativity is dead (& big data killed it)

So i wake up this morning to a few people screaming that that big data is not the savior of advertising and that it will never replace creativity (ie. that machines can’t replace humans). They probably haven’t seen this or this.

We still think of creativity as a sacred cow, something we can’t even fathom how to replace. Impossible!” they say. Well, they are wrong.

Creativity is one more of the pieces of the advertising puzzle, one more of the tools for selling and serving our customers. And I’ll remind you that creativity is getting paid to sell, and sell hard.

Creativity is dead — omarrr

One good idea is not good enough

Old advertising still thinks that a good idea is all we need. Tell that to the startup world. Coming up with an idea is extremely easy, too easy in fact. Executing the idea is the hard part. When the rubber hits the road, when details need to be figured out, when generic and abstract concepts meet with the idiosyncrasies of the medium, the realities of the customers and the competitive landscape, that’s when things get hard.

Having an idea is not even half the battle, it’s the first step. Let’s remember that advertising can no longer be reduced to a tag line.


Speaking of creativity, could we stop calling ideas creative ideas’? What kind of idea is not creative? An idea is an idea. Does it solve a problem? Yes? Then welcome and make yourself at home.

August 8, 2013 ☼ thoughts