Facebook’s Add APP to PAGE Bookmarklet

Facebook is removing App Profile Pages. Unfortunately for many developers that means that the Add to Page” link that allowed new APPs to be added to Fan Pages as a Tab is also gone. Here’s a simple bookmarklet that will provide the same functionality.

Update: It looks like Facebook has put a fix in place that will enable Adding an APP to any page from the APP itself

Add to Page

Follow this link for the best solution to this issue:–operation-developer-love/

The Bookmarklet

Add APP to PAGE <

This bookmarklet will remove the need to do any further custom development on your app/tab.

How to use Drag the link above to your toolbar (duh!) and visit your APP page (Eg: The bookmarklet will generate a dialog box to add the App to any of your PAGES:

Add PageTab

How does it work Behind the scenes all the bookmarklet does is redirect your browser to a url like the one below:\_id=YOUR\_APP\_ID&next=YOUR\_URL

Note: Facebook’s official workaround to add your own app to your own page in a tab is anything but simple. There is along discussion here explaining the process in great detail: Facebook Removing App Profile Pages on Feb 1, 2012

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January 20, 2012 ☼ code