NFTs & Crypto Art

Discovering NFTs or Non-Fungible tokens has been the most exciting thing about the web in recent years. For many of us who might have never been interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain has been something I haven’t paid much attention. Discouraged by market value changes and overall disinterest in getting-rich-quickly schemes, I have always looked the other way.

Crypto Art has changed this overnight. Literally. I spend the last night and most of today reading and, honestly, watching as many videos and posts as I can consume. I even watched a coding tutorial for the first time in years. A 2 hour how-to that had me deeply engrossed in the inner workings of ERC721 tokens.

The technology is interesting as a feat of engineering, but what really captured my attention was the overlap with the ART. Once again, I am trapped by the elusive intersection of art and tech.

There are better places than this site to learn about all these concepts.

What do I take away from this is a new space for artist and creators to share and give value to the work. NFTs allow artist to mint their own money (literally), gives voice to outsider digital art, could potentially replace money transactions with art transactions.

Could art be the future of money?


Curated Marketplaces:

Other Marketplaces:

  • Opensea - A peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles
  • Rarible - Decentralized community owned marketplace for NFT assets (Digital collectibles secured with blockchain)
  • MakersPlace - Rare Digital Artworks
  • Foundation - Curated limited edition digital artworks
  • Paras - Digital art cards powered by Near


  • Sreemit - blockchain-based social media Dapp (decentralized application)
  • NonFungible - Blockchain gaming and crypto collectible market database
  • Sorare

December 7, 2020 ☼ futuremisc