On Advertising Getting Redacted

Shaun Varga discusses the disappearance of the word advertising’ from the agency vernacular. I would agree that (A) the stigma of advertising is becoming too unbearable and (B) we —as an industry— have realized that we must evolve and are now in the process of doing so.

Then you have the advertising agencies… if you can find one, any more. Have you noticed that the word advertising’ is hardly ever heard nowadays in the halls of our former advertising agency greats? Not heard, and indeed rarely read in the pages of their websites. Advertising has been redacted. Instead we learn that these agencies are, in fact, multi-disciplinary ideas companies’; or media-agnostic, brand building business partners’. I kid you not. —Why Advertising Agencies no longer exist, and why it doesn’t matter.

February 20, 2013 ☼ quotes