On Bringing Hope Back To Advertising

Refreshing. Advertising, like many human activities, has a better chance of successful evolution given healthy cooperation amongst the tribe members. Less competition, more collaboration.

We need to shift from a competitive stance to a creative mindset. We need to live in the conscious presence of the prefrontal cortex–the part of the mind that doesn’t fear that the other guy will steal our slice of the market share pie, but imagines ways to bake a bigger pie. By quieting the selfish aggressive instincts of the body, you’ll begin to evolve and engage the mind, which is no body” and beyond self.” You will create bigger and better outcomes.

So if you really want to beat your competitors, focus on your customers with wonder and curiosity; and as people, not targets. Lead their imagination. And stop trying to hurt everyone. —We’re Marketers, Not Soldiers: How Combative Competition Is Killing Creativity

February 11, 2013 ☼ quotes