On Real-time Advertising

This is a different interpretation of the Super Bowl advertising race to Twitter extravaganza. Could the industry create an entire new discipline and allocate media dollars accordingly?

This could be a very big deal. There’s so much noise in advertising today that it’s tough to break through with a brand message. […] Real-time ads could help free up more […] dollars from TV. Too often, marketers and agencies ignore an advantage that active websites–particularly social services such as Twitter and Facebook–share with live television: the ability to reach a lot of people with a message that’s relevant to them right now.

[…] It seems apparent after this Super Bowl, at least, that Twitter is the leading marketing medium for second screens like tablets and smartphones, and that means it’s the leading platform for real-time advertising as well. —Real-Time Advertising Has Arrived, Thanks To Oreo And The Super Bowl

February 6, 2013 ☼ quotes