On the complexity within ad agencies

Keep things simple. An idea is an idea. That’s all that matters. The rest is packaging fillers.

Good agencies and good planners 30 years ago were looking for something very similar to good agencies and good planners now — campaigns that created word of mouth, social currency, audience participation and deeper customer relationships as a result. Of course, we now have many more weapons at our disposal. Social media, big data, mobile, eCRM, experiential, e-commerce, augmented reality, search, content, interactivity, apps etc have made a huge difference to the way we communicate. But I suspect they have made surprisingly little difference to something more fundamental, which is why we communicate in the first place. And this is the bit that planners are supposed to be good at. It’s called strategy. —The Year Ahead For…Account planning

January 21, 2013 ☼ quotes