The naked President

The president of the next generation —the one to be elected 30 years from now— will be the naked president. He is the tween today with a Facebook account, self pics taken in his bathroom, inappropriate drunk tweets, and no concept of private social interactions.

The naked President by omarrr

The future president is shamelessly posting pictures of his abs to Instagram right now. He’ll be our naked president. While our current leaders try to get away with experimenting with marihuana but not inhaling it”, the naked president will have signed countless petitions to finally legalize pot in the 50 states. And through the power of aggregation we will have access to all such petitions, as well as photo albums, music playlists, etc, etc. All this digital junk will be archived for posterity as it will be the past of all the constituency. Everything and anything that has ever been public will remain public and everybody’s past will be forever exposed.

But, honestly, thirty years from now all of today’s political and ethical issues will be tremendously outdated by the constant overexposure to both raw and adulterated reality. Add to that the generational shift and we willl have a complete moral renaissance. When everybody is exposed, nobody is exposed. So prudes be gone and welcome the unfiltered generation.

No privacy —yes— but more honesty.

And a naked president.

December 2, 2012 ☼ thoughts