The Underachievers on Thinking Outside the Box

The separation of god and men is the biggest lie in the planet, and the downfall of humanity” —Issa Gold, The Underachievers

I’ll admit it, I don’t know much about hip-hop. But! I only had to listen to this duo once during this interview to realize that there was something there for me. Not sure if it was their attitude, vocabulary, or ideas, or all of the above.

The most interesting thing in this world are connections and this duo puts together a most unusual and unexpected sources of influence for their rapping prose. It’s always a delight to hear somebody recommend a good book with the same passion as they talk about a cartoon series, drugs and mind enlightenment.

The Underachievers are rather understated, subtly and unexpectedly dropping intellectual bombs.

If you are like me, unable to follow the rapid fire of their lyrics, head over to Genius, where you can not only read the lyrics of their songs but read the comments of their fans as they interpret all the symbols and messages of their dense verses.

I’m The, I’m The… Reincarnation of a king long gone The highest enlightened nigga, sittin’ on top a sun An angel told me in a dream, like Neo”I’m the One” So I’m out here freeing souls from they bondage to the love U-N-I-T-Y, Free my people, now we fly Fools stuck to the ground, wondering why we be high Brainstorming like beehives, knowledge higher than the skies On a divine mission, nigga don’t get left behind” —The Underachievers

January 26, 2016 ☼ quotes