On Freeing Ourselves From the Definition of Art

Art is what you can get away with.
—Andy Warhol

Defining “Art” is a timeless and meaningless pursuit. We are creative minds (and minds are creative, mind you). We are creators and our creations can have multiple interpretations. To label our creations into fixed buckets (art, craft, etc) is a disservice (and a tamper) to our capacity of creation.

It is presumptuous to think that as of today, we have seen all forms of cultural expression. Who is to say that in 10,000 years there will not be another form of human creation to be heralded up there next to Art, Literature, Math? My vote goes for repetition, memes and sarcasm as likely candidates.

Art, sold

At least we can always count on Andy Warhol to helps us tear down our definitions of art:

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.
—Andy Warhol

Since today is the one day anniversary of Bowie’s death, let’s hear what he had to say

I suppose for me as an artist it wasn’t always just about expressing my work; I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture I was living in.
—David Bowie

David Bowie On His Influence and the Creative Process

Last night David Bowie left for the stars. Space Oddity is the one song that saved him from my dislike caused by his rather convincing performance of the goblin king in the movie “The Labyrinth” (at least it seemed convincing to a 10 year old).

I suppose for me as an artist it wasn’t always just about expressing my work; I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture that I was living in. It just seemed like a challenge to move it a little bit towards the way I thought it might be interesting to go.
—David Bowie

David Bowie

I believe that I often bring out the best in somebody’s talents.
—David Bowie

David has inspired many and left a great imprint in our popular culture (I will always thank him for coming up with Klaus Nomi’s galactic outfit.)

I’m always amazed that people take what I say seriously. I don’t even take what I am seriously.
—David Bowie

Preparing for the Show “Title: Self Portrait”

This is what I’ve been up to today. First framing a picture, only to immediately realize that it’s the wrong size for the show. Next thinking up, creating, printing and framing a second picture at the appropriate dimensions.

On the plus side I feel super productive.

Title Self-Portrait

wrong size picture on the left, correct size one on the right.

I ended up liking the concept of the second picture almost more than the first one. There is something of value to repeating work. Almost always we end up surpassing the original.

“What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan.”
Jason Fried, Rework

On Pixar’s Creativity and Technology

Always like to read about thinkers accepting more and more that creativity is not a trait of few but a quality of all.

“Fear is the biggest killer of creativity […] In order to cultivate a strong creative environment, you need to make people comfortable in expressing their ideas.”

A big part of this means not putting people into creative versus non-creative boxes. Whether your job was coding, or drawing, or painting, or sculpting, nobody had a monopoly on creativity.

Building the Next Pixar

Pixar Creativity & Technology

WIP: Self-portrait

I’ve been working on a self-portrait I started years ago. Picking it back up and giving it an update.

I love observing the internal geometries of objects and seeing the basic iconic elements we can reduce reality to (a sort of sacred geometry.) Here’s a view of the wireframe behind the illustration.

Self-portrait WIP